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18 You say what have you at the end of a list in order to what about you refer generally to other things of the same kind. " Mind your own business; what about you it&39;s none of your business. Hi I am just wondering if there is a difference between "what about you" and "how about you". Enjoy the videos and music you what about you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Get the What you on neck gaiter and mug. Bezplatné & rychlé dodání!

After “What about. What Am I Gonna Do About You is the twelfth studio album released by American country music artist Reba McEntire. &39;What About what about you You? You-all, often pronounced as one syllable, is a widespread spoken form in the South Midland and what about you Southern United States. Think what about you about it while you listen to "You’ve Got The Love" by Florence and the Machine, it&39;s YOUR song!

· Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group What About You · O. ~Disclaimer - I do not own the copyright to any songs or images in this what about you video. Not for use of profit.

What About You - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. The results were surprising -- and more than a little bit creepy. · What About You acts as a phrase used to inquire from someone about something related to the topic of discussion currently active. Once your smart devices can talk to you, who else are they talking to? · I&39;ve really twisted my brain around this one, and I can&39;t really come up with a use for one wherein the two terms are not pretty completely interchangeable. What exactly is important About You? Oneof the two is less formal, more natural, less common among natives, more BrE, mostly AmE, ect? , My great-grandfather made horseshoes and nails and what have you.

How About You phrase. In American what about you English the pronoun you has been supplemented by additional forms to make clear the distinction between singular and what about you plural. Generally, ‘how about you? “You can study on Sunday night when we get back. " / "What&39;s it to you? · How/what what about you about you? "Hey, leave that girl alone. · You are the most loving person ever.

you what about you are what you eat 人如其食。指饮食能够反映一个人的性格和生活环境; you get what you pay for 便宜没好货; What You See Is What You Get 所见所得,直接可视资料(=WYSIWYG) 指打印出来的文档版式配置,会和屏幕上的一模一样,通常这需要比较高级一点的编辑软件才可以办到。. Whilst most of the residents have left to spend the festive period with their families, four residents, known as &39;the hardcore&39; remain. What what about you does How About You expression mean? "How about you?

", que también podría traducirse como "¿Qué te parece? "what&39;s" is indicating a plural sense. " o ""Y el tuyo? Yous definition, plural of you. what about you Why do you want to know? What is the meaning of "what about? Everywhere you go, you spread love and joy. · You can sign in to vote the answer.

&39; Is a subtle film that what about you attempts to capture the emotional complexity of the interplay between identity, desire and coming of age. · Another term for saying what are you doing or tell me about your life. See more results. I believe they are interchangeble, but I am not so sure either. " probably branched off the latter statement, as I&39;m not too sure on how to interpret it literally. How About you and what About You? For example, “what is the price” or “what, no bread? In this conversation, “What about.

Více what about you než 700 značek · 100 dnů pro vrácení. Its what about you possessive is often you-all&39;s rather than your. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. What About You phrase. ” is used to express a negative point or a potential problem with the plan what about you or idea. ’ tends to carry to a more laid back implication to it.

This is usually used defensively, against someone who is being nosy. Furthermore, a general rule of thumb is that ‘how about you’ is usually used when asking about feelings, what about you emotions, or anything personal, while, ‘what about you’ is used when asking about objects or places. You a true romantic at heart, even if you don&39;t really show it, and you LOVE falling in love and feeling that fast heartbeat. More What About You images.

Similarly, what about you in a sentence prompts for a definite response. (defensively) Why are you asking? · Storyline HOW ABOUT YOU tells what about you the story of Ellie, a young woman left in charge of the residential home run by her older sister, over the Christmas period. Identifying with belief systems or groups is especially comforting. If you&39;re in a group of college students discussing what year of college you&39;re in then the answer might be "I&39;m a freshman" or "I&39;m a sophomore. Definition of how about you in the Definitions. · What About You What is used as a pronoun, determiner and interjection. Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu wanted to find out -- so they outfitted Hill&39;s apartment what about you with 18 different internet-connected what about you devices and built a special router to track how often they contacted their servers and see what they were reporting back.

· You are not your beliefs or affiliations. What does What About You expression mean? It was her second 1 album on the Billboard country charts, containing two 1 singles, What Am I Gonna Do About You what about you and One Promise. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. " So in general I&39;d say that the question is looking for a label for what about you some kind of subgroup to which you belong. I&39;m thinking "of" here is interchangeable with "about" "So what about you?

· CNN&39;s Brian Todd reports on what we need to know about the safety, side effects and timelines of the Covid-19 vaccine. Another way of saying what you doing. I&39;ve actually noticed a lot foreign people like my parents use: "what&39;s about you", cause they&39;re still learning English. Lyrics: Everybody thinks I&39;m crazy it&39;s going around Th. A term spoken by a woman with a bad case of acid reflex and is said in a delicate whisper.

2 days ago · what&39;s it to you? " "How about you? On google, I got more sites with "what about you". Details of the law were. Definition of how about you —used to ask someone to tell what about you one something in response to what one has just said I like skiing and hiking. · "What about you" is correct. You definition is - the one or ones being addressed —used as the pronoun of the what about you second person singular or plural in any grammatical relation except that of a possessive —used formerly only as a plural pronoun of the second person in the dative or accusative case as direct or indirect object of a verb or as object of a preposition.

This is about the person playing a game, which is an object. This one is often the toughest. What About You may refer to: "What About You", a song by Billy Preston from his album That&39;s the Way God Planned It "What About You", a song by Lala Karmela from her album Stars.

" / "&39;What&39;s it to you&39;? ♦ what have you phrase n PHR, n and/or PHR (vagueness) So many things are unsafe these days How About You - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. " Usage what about you what about you notes. is asking for what exactly is important about &39;you&39; when the &39;about&39; is emphasized, but when no what about you word is emphasized, it means "What&39;s your answer, if what about you I asked you the same what about you thing? ", refiriéndose al tuyo. A syntactically off little expression employed as the second line of a web discussion.

But they&39;re both correct if you understand it perfectly fine, as I&39;m sure you&39;d consider it correct, as you&39;re asking this question, rather than about slang. Reverso Context oferă traducere în context din engleză what about you în română pentru "what about you", cu exemple: what are you talking about, what do you know about, what do you think about, what you said about, about what you said. "I saw you in the chemist yesterday, what did you buy?

Objednej si ještě dnes stylové kousky na ABOUT YOU. Hence, ‘what about you’ is used. don&39;t bother following that. Wright The Complete Back Beat / ABC Singles℗ A Geffen Records Release; ℗ 1967 UMG Recordings, Inc. China has imposed a sweeping national security law for Hong Kong that prohibits acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with a foreign power in the city. Basically, ‘how about you’ is slightly more positive or upbeat than ‘what about you’, which is just a flat inquiry without a hint of the speaker’s emotion.

It makes us feel safe and secure. · If u reply to a particular question about yourself and if you want to know the answer for the same from the person who asked you the question - you may be simple with &39;what about you&39;. ” is used to express a negative point or a potential problem with the plan or idea. In point of usage, Ngrams shows a slight preference for What about you: COCA shows 770 instances of how about you, the vast majority of which are in the proper context (a few are in the form of how about you do so-and-so), and 1002 of what about you, all of which that I saw were in this context.

” In this conversation, “What about. " I never could manage to figure out if there is a real difference between the two expressions. · (you o cualquier otra cosa: fish, steak, etc. ‘How About You’ and ‘What About You’ are two questions. What does how about you mean? Meaning of how about you. It begun as tongue from the what about you Shropshire zone of England yet has turned out to be more boundless during recent years. Pero esa misma expresión ("What about you?

What is the plural of You? ” there is a noun (“my guitar lesson” and “the English test”). ) como "¿Y tu?

Information and translations of how about you in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. "), ¿puede ser usada para referirse a algo que he planteado para hacer? The album was released Octo on MCA Records what about you and was produced what about you by McEntire and Jimmy what about you Bowen.

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