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The heraldic term for an X-shaped cross is a &39;saltire&39;, from the old French word saultoir or salteur (itself derived from the Latin saltatorium), the saltire a word for both a type the saltire of stile constructed from two cross pieces and a type of cross-shaped stirrup-cord. First hoisted in 1512, it&39;s believed to be one of the oldest flags in the world still in use today. Examples of saltire in a Sentence Recent Examples the saltire on the Web Before the results were announced, musicians played bagpipes to a saltire-waving crowd; the next day, unionists the saltire clashed with independence supporters, the former firing a flare, which led to violence and arrests. Anderson (&39;Or on a saltire engrailed Azure two quill pens in saltire Argent enfiling a Loyalist military coronet Or&39;); unless it is blazoned as cut off, as in the coat of Kemble Greenwood(&39;Sable a chevron Erminois cotised between three saltires couped or&39;). The Saltire memorial and Flag Heritage Centre celebrate the connection Athelstaneford and East Lothian has as the birthplace of the Saltire, Scotland&39;s national flag.

· the saltire SCOTTISH Borders Council (SBC) officers have admitted that “lessons must be learnt” the saltire after Saltire flags were removed from a Borders park. The first illustration of the Saltire flag in it&39;s full blue and white glory appeared around the middle of the saltire the 16th Century, and between that time and the year the blue of the flag has seen some changes. 2 out of 5 stars 5.

© - The Great Saltair Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). The national flag of Scotland has two colors – white and blue. The Saltire has ancient roots in heraldry, the saltire and is also a reminder of just how long Scotland has been a nation. The Saltire This is the saltire the Saltire - the saltire a blue flag with a white diagonal cross. Now in his forties, Kennedy began his own career by training as a lawyer at England’s Cambridge the saltire University. An extraordinarily beautiful hand-crafted 9-year-old the saltire Victorian mansion located on the Outer Banks, The Saltaire is the perfect luxury estate for weekly vacation rentals, the saltire elegant beach weddings, and fun events.

The saltire appears to have become the official national flag in 1385 when the Parliament of Scotland agreed that Scottish soldiers should wear the white cross as a distinguishing mark. The St Andrew&39;s Cross was worn as a badge on hats in Scotland, on the day of the feast of St Andrew. When two or more saltires appear, they are usually blazoned as cut off. A saltire, also called Saint Andrew&39;s Cross or the crux decussata, is a heraldic symbol in the form of a diagonal cross, like the shape of the letter X in Roman type. A the saltire white saltire on a blue background (or black on yellow for temporary signs) is displayed in UK railway signalling as a "cancelling indicator" for the Automatic Warning System(AWS), informing the driver that the received warning can be disregarded.

The experience of being one of our Saltire Scholars will be challenging, exhilarating, rewarding, social and fun, and for many it can the saltire be life changing. The flag is called the Saltire or the the saltire Saint Andrew&39;s Cross. This is in reference to horse jumping, and the connection is the resemblance of the crossed poles fences used the saltire in horse jumping competitions, to that of a diagonal cross. In heraldic language, the Scottish flag may be blazoned azure, a saltire argent. In Cameroon, a red "X" placed on illegally constructed buildings scheduled for. · “The Saltire Memorial and Flag Heritage Centre celebrate the connection Athelstaneford and East Lothian have as the birthplace of the Saltire, Scotland’s national flag. A saltire is the conventional road sign used to indicate the point at which. See full list on scottish-at-heart.

Saltire Club members hear from and converse with inspiring guest speakers who are. Manufacturers of the flag didn&39;t necessarily select the same shade of blue and this was often a subject of spirited debate! Saltire Immortal Guardian. The Flag of Scotland is the Saltire: the white diagonal cross of Scotland&39;s patron saint, St Andrew, on a blue field. The Saltire Club offers a powerful networking opportunity for leading pro-independence business people. The naval ensign of the Imperial Russian (1696–1917) and Russian navies (1991–present) is a blue saltire on a white field. Cyclopædia, or an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences (first e. · The word ‘Saltire’ is derived from the French word ‘sauteur’ meaning ‘jumper’.

5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked 26 of 98 restaurants in Livingston. Browse & Get Results Instantly. The Saltire Bar, Kilmarnock. The saltire appears the saltire on vexilla that are represented consistently on coinage of Christian emperors of Rome, from the fourth century. See full list on military. It usually occupies the entire field in which it is placed. Saltire in Livingston is a flaming great pub. A field (party) per saltire is divided into four areas by a saltire-shaped &39;cut&39;.

Andrews&39; Cross) on a blue background. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. The Saltire The Flag of Scotland is a white X-shaped cross, which represents the cross of the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew on a blue sky. The flag of Scotland is also known as the saltire or St.

It is one of the oldest flags in the saltire the world, dating back, according to the version of the story you believe, to 832 or further, perhaps to 761. Even the word in itself is enough to evoke images of proud Scottish warriors putting the fear of God into their English enemies with their terrifying war cries. The Saltaire specializes in weekly Saturday to Saturday vacation rentals and fun events. Originally thought to be sky-blue, this color became darker during the 17th century, at times appearing dark &39;navy&39; blue. · Orben Romblemore, inventor and self-described genius, wants you to see his latest invention at the Exposition of the Arcane. Like other ordinaries, a single saltire is throughout the saltire — extending to the edges of the field — as in the arms granted to G. The actual word &39;Saltire&39; means &39;a cross with diagonal bars of equal length&39; and the national flag of Scotland is the saltire made up of a white saltire (aka St. The Saltire Raceday, which is being staged behind closed doors, is supporting the Scottish Flag Trust and four out of the seven jumps races have been named in honour of Scotland’s national flag.

Andrew, who became the Patron Saint of Scotland, (and who was one of Jesus&39; Apostles - the younger the saltire brother of Simon Peter) was crucified. The origin of the Scottish flag is legendary. From its use as field sign, the saltire came to be used in a number of flags, in the 16th century for Scotland and Burgundy, in the 18th century also.

With its colours the saltire exchanged (and a lighter blue), the the saltire same d. The Saltire is a welcoming symbol for all Scots whether they are Scots by birth, by choice or through their family roots. What do the symbols on the Scottish flag mean? Saltire has worked with Babson from the start on developing the Fellowship Program and the Fellows go to Babson to learn entrepreneurial leadership from teachers who have themselves run global businesses.

Numerous flags are inspired by the saltire and the colours blue and white—mostly connected with Scotland, where Saint Andrew is the national patron saint. It is the oldest continuously used sovereign flag in the world, having been in use since AD 832 - or so legend has it. In the ninth and tenth century the saltire was revived the saltire in Constantinople as a symbol of Christian-imperial power. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chambers, the saltire Ephraim, ed (1728). Anne Roes found it on coins of Constantius II, Valentiniandisambiguation needed, Jovian, Gratianus, Valens, Arcadius, Constantine III, Jovinus, Theodosius I, Eugenius and Theodosius II, though she searched only coins at the British the saltire Museum. The hexadecimal codes of the colors are FFFFFF and 0065BF and the corresponding RGB and CMYK values are in the table. It was was worn by Scottish crusaders to the saltire the Holy Land and incorporated into their coats of arms. the saltire It is believed that the battle took place in the year 832AD.

The quest is not accessed via nearby "The Saltire District" gate. In such times flags and banners were important to identify opposing forces the saltire in heat of battle. The word comes from the Middle French sautoir, the saltire Middle Latin saltatoria ("stirrup"). Prior to the Union the Royal Scots Navy used a red ensign the saltire incorporating the St Andrew&39;s Cross; this ensign is now sometimes flown as part of an unofficial civil ensign in Scottish waters.

"article name needed". and Comments (RSS). To access the quest, speak to Orben Romblemore. We are looking for passionate candidates with the capability of being the next generation of leaders and those who can be ambassadors for Saltire programmes and for Scotland. Many Scottish noble families adopted the Saltire in this way; Bruces, Johnstones, Kirkpatrics and even some Norman families.

Travel to the Saltire District and see what the Gnome has whipped up in his workshop. Andrew we still have a reminiscence of the old standard of the Persepolitan kingdom. · The Saltire, Livingston: See 353 unbiased reviews of The Saltire, rated 3. the saltire The Saltire Awards the saltire is run by Scotland&39;s Third Sector Interfaces and supported by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. The perfect place for flame-grilled steaks great burgers flaming challenges value drinks & top sport. High quality The Saltire gifts and merchandise.

What does saltire mean? Saltire was approved as part of Unicode 1. . The flags were taken down from Henderson Park in Coldstream the saltire earlier this year after SBC officers claimed they received a “complaint”. . James Wilder, his secretary, with intimation the saltire that young Lord Saltire, ten years old, his only son and heir, was about to be committed to my charge. This situation came to an end in when a.

All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. For this part, we the saltire have to first go further back in history, much further back, to the time of Jesus Christ in fact! a diagonal X-shaped cross, for example on a flag 2.

Tradition has it that the flag, the white saltire on a blue blackground, the oldest flag in the Commonwealth and Europe, originated in a battle fought in East Lothian in the Dark Ages. The color white in the Scottish flag symbolizes peace, whereas blue symbolizes the virtues of justice, vigilance, and perseverance. The trademark of X-Radium stoneware, patented cooking ware produced in the early. Anne Roes detected the symbol, which often appears with balls in the quadrants formed by the arms of the chi-cross, in standards represented on coins of Persepolis, and she suggested that early Christians endorsed its solar symbolism as appropriate to Christ, and suggested "although it cannot be proved, that in the white saltire of St. 5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked 26 of 96 restaurants in Livingston.

The saltire

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